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Who we are… We are both farmers and farmers and one of the specialists in the production and export of nuts and nuts in Iran and we are proud of our ability to continuously provide the best Iranian product for our customers around the world. And it is an honor for us Zarrin Maghz Company, thanks to God, has started its activity in 1989 in the fields of purchasing, producing, selling and exporting major types of Iranian nuts, and after years of round-the-clock efforts, is proud to have many partners inside and outside Iran. Scope of our activities .. Zarrin Company, using modern technology in the production, processing, packaging and export of nuts and with the cooperation of producers and farmers, has had significant activities in the following areas: 1) Major production of Iranian dried fruits 2) Wholesale and direct distribution of Iranian nuts 3) Major purchase of dried fruits from Iranian producers 4) Direct export of Iranian nuts to all over the world Our company is a group of people specializing in the sale and export of nuts that our country distribution chart has the ability to meet all the needs of our customers across the country and the world. What do we do… In cooperation with Iranian farmers, producers and bankers all over the country, we have created a structure to connect with a wide range of domestic and foreign customers and meet their needs in the field of nuts. Our main mission… Trade, which is the best job in our religion, promoting completely Iranian goods and production all over the world, where are we ...

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