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Almonds Buy Canada | Organic Nuts Sales in Canada

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Almonds Buy Canada | Organic Nuts Sales in CanadaOrganic nuts for Sale in CanadaBuy almonds from the main sale centeralmonds buyWholesale Mamra almonds of superior qualityMamra almond importing countries 2021
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Almonds Buy Canada | Organic Nuts Sales in Canada


For almonds buy there are many demandants all over the world. Honestly speaking all almonds producing in the world are not organic. Almonds which are not organic and natural don’t have nutritional value.


Almonds growing in Iran are one of the most natural and organic types of almonds. Especially Mamra almond which is the export product of Iran is a very unique kind of almonds, regarding the taste, the nutrients and the naturalness.


In Iran, due to a special climate, method of farming and the properties of soil for cultivation, Mamra almond is the best type of almonds.


For almonds buy, be in touch with Zarin Maghz Company. The special products of Zarin Maghz Company are as follows:

Almond of different kinds especially Mamra almond

Pistachios of different kinds

peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, figs, dried apricots

Organic nuts for Sale in Canada


Organic nuts for sale in Canada is at good price. It is essential to know whether you want to purchase natural or non-natural nuts.


Do you know that Canadian almonds are not natural. They are genetically manipulated. Therefore they are not as delicious, nutritional as Mamra almonds.


You know that Nuts and seeds are perfect tidbits. They give nutrients, minerals and brisk vitality without undesirable fat or void calories. In spite of the fact that the nutmeat or seed is secured by a shell or natural product, except if they are raised naturally they are treated with engineered synthetic compounds similarly as other non-natural yields.


Natural almonds are a characteristic wellspring of niacin, folate, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, manganese and phosphorus. They additionally are normally free of trans-fats and sodium, and contain about 25% protein.


Do you know how to identify Mamra almond?

The shell is hard.

The color is golden light yellow.

The kernels are twins.

The kernels are not in uniform size and appearance.

They are sweeter in taste and very delicious.


Zarin Maghz Company is very active in the field of producing, supplying and exporting Mamra almond of high quality and different Iranian nuts. We offer you the most appropriate price of Mamra almond.



almonds buy

Buy almonds from the main sale center


To buy almonds from the main sale center, Zarin Maghz Company is at your service.


Almonds are a wellspring of nutrient E, copper, magnesium, and brilliant protein; they additionally contain abnormal amounts of unsaturated fats alongside elevated amounts of bioactive particles, (for example, fiber, phytosterols, nutrients, different minerals, and cell reinforcements), which may help to anticipate cardiovascular sickness.


Almonds have for some time been prized as one of the mankind’s most loved tree nuts. They were well known before in antiquated Egyptian eating regimens and Indian populaces. Antiquated Indian Ayurvedic specialists even trusted that almonds had the capacity to help mind limit, life span, and scholarly capacity.


Zarin Maghz Company offers you the most suitable price of Mamra almond. Our collection is a wholesaler, supplier and exporter of Mamra almonds and other kinds of Iranian nuts.

almonds buy

Wholesale Mamra almonds of superior quality


We can provide you wholesale Mamra almonds of superior quality at an reasonable price. Our collection has many lands under cultivation of Mamra almond. Our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers and international traders.


There are 170 calories in a 21 almonds per serving. Calorie breakdown: 75% fat, 11% carbs, 13% protein. It is a pity to lose such a delicious and full of energy nut.


There are lots of varieties of Almonds in Iran. They are delicious and worth buying. At present day, almost every one knows about the nutritional value of such a golden tiny precious nut, i.e. almond.



almonds buy

Mamra almond importing countries 2021


India, Japan, China, Arab countries and most European countries are among Mamra almond importing countries 2021. Day to day the number of Mamra almond buyers are increasing.

Zarin Maghz Company is at your service to provide the domestic customers and international traders Mamra almond of the highest quality and different kinds of Iranian nuts.


Almonds contain lots of fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and nutrient E. The medical advantages of almonds incorporate lower glucose levels, diminished circulatory strain and lower cholesterol levels. They can likewise lessen hunger and advance weight reduction. Although almonds are cholesterol-free, roasted almonds are slightly higher in saturated fat than raw almonds.


All of the above nutritional value mentioned for almond is higher in Mamra almond.

For almonds buy don’t hesitate to contact Zarin Maghz Company for ordering the best quality Mamra almond at an reasonable price.

almonds buy

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