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Almonds Cheap Price | Finest Almonds for Sale in Best Markets

almonds cheap price is offered in Iran and India. Almond  is a kind of fruit, which is native to the Middle East and South Asia. In principle, almonds are not considered true beans. but are of a variety of shafts. which have an outer shell and a hard inner covering. in which the seed (the brain) falls within it. The height of the almond tree is 4 to 10 meters. and its diameter can reach more than 30 centimeters. The largest almond producing countries in the world are the United States and Spain. Iran is the fifth largest producer of this fruit. with 6% production of world. 49% of almond seed is composed of oil, 62% of which is oleic acid unsaturated. It contains 24% linoleic acid unsaturated. and has 6% palmitic acid saturated. The amount of energy per 100 grams of almonds is 576 kilo calories. Planting almond tree is easy in the garden.

 You can use it in winter to sprout the spring. Be careful that your plant should be under enough sunlight. and be irrigated in the summer once a week. The best type of this product is found in the Tsuj from the East Azerbaijan of Iran. cheapest almonds in the world is in Iran also and almonds price is enough low in Iran to trade.

Almonds Cheap Price | Finest Almonds for Sale in Best Markets

Almond wholesale price in India


Almonds, such as walnuts and pistachios, include delicious nuts that have many properties for health. Almond comes from almond tree fruit. The scientific name for this dried fruit is Prunusdulsis and native to the Middle East, India and North Africa. It is also found in areas like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel. The taste of almonds varies from sweet to bitter. and both are available in the stores. These delicious nuts also have a lot of healing properties.

Almonds Cheap Price | Finest Almonds for Sale in Best Markets

1 kg badam price in Chennai

The most important properties of almonds are that it is dramatically rich in nutrients. Each ounce witch is equal to 28 grams of almonds containing follows.

  1. Fiber: 3.5 g
  2. Protein: 6 g
  3. Fat: 14 g (9 g it is saturated)
  4. Vitamin E: 37% of recommended daily intake (RDA)
  5. Manganese: 32% of recommended daily intake (RDA)
  6. Magnesium: 20% of recommended daily intake (RDA)
  7. These are all contents of a fist of almonds, which provides only 161 calories and 2.5 g digestible carbohydrates.

It is also worth noting that 11-16% of almond calories are not absorbed by the body. since access to fat and parsley is difficult. Another almond property is that almonds are rich in phytic acid. a substance that encloses certain minerals and prevents them from absorbing them. This means that the amount of iron, zinc and calcium from almonds will be reduced to some extent. 1 kg badam has significant amount of nutrient. and Chennai has lots of badam. so, where to buy almonds cheap? Chennai and other Indian cities.

Almonds Cheap Price | Finest Almonds for Sale in Best Markets

How to Choose High Quality Almonds at cheap price?


Sweet almonds eat food. But they produce bitter bitter oil. Usually used as a food additive. Usually almonds are consumed raw. But it can be used in salads and other foods. Almond Milk is a gourmet drink and a good alternative to cow’s milk. You can use straight almonds with a stomach. Almond consumption with an empty stomach can increase the amount and rate of absorption of nutrients in the body. You can also nourish almonds in the water at night and eat it the next morning. Almond slices are also used as an extraordinary flavor in some foods. These are all good almond qualities. you can find good badam in every high grade brand or market and store.

Almonds Cheap Price | Finest Almonds for Sale in Best Markets

How to Buy Almonds with highest quality?

Almonds contain cyanogenic glycoside called amygladin. This glycoside is present in sweet almonds in small amounts. but it is in bitter almonds at a toxic level of about 1 to 3.5% .and can be the cause of poisoning of animals or humans. So make sure you are sweet and fresh almond. Get help from our sales experts.

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