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Almonds price 1 kg | Looking for affordable almond price

Almonds price 1 kg is a common weight that most of People Buy it. Almonds is a kind of fruit that its tree found in Asia & middle east. Almond is an oily nut which 49% of almond contains the oil. The diameter of this tree is about 30 centimeters and its height is about 4 m to 10 meters. The U.S & Spain are the biggest countries that produce almonds. California in U.S produced almond in a large number. Beside These Countries and cities, Iran is the biggest producer and exporter of Almonds. Following Cities which are located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province are Most known to sell Almonds and almond oils.

  • Saman
  • Bon

The Other Provinces Like Khorasan Razavi, Southern and Northern Khorasan, Fars , Kerman, Markazi and Zanjan are Producing Almonds too. Iran is in the fifth place for producing almonds.

Almonds price 1 kg | Looking for affordable almond price

Buy organic almonds

There are a lot of kinds of almonds in Iran & other countries. I want to introduce some kinds here:

  • mountain almonds
  • sweet almonds
  • bitter almonds
  • Indian almonds

Almonds are full of protein, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron. Bitter almonds should roast because there is a lot of chemical material in it. Eating a lot of almonds cause food poising either for adults or children. Almonds are good for beauty of skin & hair, cancer, diabetes. You can buy almonds Easily from All Stores. Also there are some shops & sites that you can buy almonds.

But Choosing the best one is not an easy job. you need to collect the information about the best sellers. Some Online shops have the best almonds in the world. With buying online you can save your time because time is like a gold & we should hold it tight. Also you can save your money because make money is very difficult now.

Almonds price 1 kg | Looking for affordable almond price

Buy Best quality Almond (Badam) With Shell

It is good to use wet almonds. It is very good in many aspects. With this way you can prevent from cancer, blood pressure, Alzheimer, heart attack, osteoporosis & other things. They are some differences between almonds with shells & without shells. Almonds with shell have their benefits & minerals. The other reason is the almonds with shells have fresh shells. In some cultures almonds are very holy.

For example, for Christians almonds are a symbol for born the Christ from holy Merriam. In Egypt almonds were famous & they used it in their bread. These are some sites & shops that sell almonds with shell. It is affordable to buying online from the cities that make almonds originally. Almonds Trades are popular as much as other nuts like pistachio, Walnut And etc. Almonds can be eaten raw and roasted. Both of them are available in 1 kg Packs. So Almonds Price 1 Kg can be varied depends on it is roasted or raw.

Almonds price 1 kg | Looking for affordable almond price

Which is healthier raw or roasted almonds?

There are a lot of things that we can made from almonds. Bitter almonds are using in perfume industry, almonds oil. They use the leaves of the almonds tree to make the herbal teas. So They are not a lot differences between raw almonds or roasted almonds. They roast the almonds to make it more delicious & make it smell good. Lipid ,protein & other things are not changing in roasted almonds & are similar to raw almonds. So we can’t say which almonds are healthiest almonds because there aren’t different between them.

Almonds price 1 kg | Looking for affordable almond price

Buy Almond at best price

In some cities of Iran the price of the almonds are different. Especially the price of the raw almonds & roasted almonds are different. The price of the almonds are between 3$ and 30$. But it will be change soon. Because the price of These nuts depends on season and Status of Exports and Imports. Of course they have some off for buying online.

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