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buy mamra almond different type in 2021

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what is best types of mamra almond?mamra almond best type in Asia

The seedlings we plant will one day grow into large trees, so the planting distance should be large enough to grow, lighten and feed the midwife almond tree. The required distance between seedlings is 6 to 6 meters. As mentioned in the Mentionedok, the tree needs light, and if the trees are planted close to each other, they may overshadow each other. Inside the ground, the roots will go out to feed the tree. The sowing distance of midwifery almond seedlings can vary depending on the conditions. For example, in sloping areas, seedlings can be planted 3 meters away from each other due to conditions. Visit our site for more information on the Mamra almond type.

buy mamra almond different type in 2021

what is best types of mamra almond?

what is best types of mamra almond? The grains of almond seedlings are very sweet It consists of two large white cotyledons covered with a thin layer of light brown skin. The grain is covered with a thick layer of wood and trumpets with green branches. Maximum tree height: The cold almond tree is a tall and rough sapling. The height of this tree reaches 6-8 meters in size. Of course, in different warehouse conditions, this height can be reduced or increased. In our country, for example, this altitude is lower due to the weather conditions. The tall trees are also short.

Cooling requirement: The important thing to know when you are planting midwife almond seedlings is the need to cool. The cooling requirement is the time at which the seedling should be subjected to temperatures below 2.7 ° C for germination and good sleep. For midwifery almond seedlings, this number ranges from 100-700 hours. The tolerable temperature of the midwife almond tree is between -20 and 37 degrees.

Growth rate and habit:

Large tree size with growth habit Fruit Type:

One-Year Fruit Habit Yield: Yields, this cultivation produces 4 tons of hard almond per hectare under favorable conditions.

Due to the point percentage, the figure produces 1,400 kg of nuts per hectare per year. Start of production: Almonds begin to bear fruit 3 years after sowing and 7 years after sowing to fully yield. Flowering or leaf time: This image refers to the flowering time between flowers. incompatible dust Water needs: Water gardens require about 6-8 thousand cubic meters of water per hectare, which can be increased 3-4 times (every 11-12 days if irrigation is required) through irrigation systems. Provided conventional irrigation trees.

The need for water in drip irrigation is about 3,000 cubic meters per hectare. Almonds can also be grown in drought-tolerant and dry seasons. Visit our website for more information on Mamra Almond Wholesale.

mamra almond best type in Asia

mamra almond best type in Asia mamra almond best type in Asia is exported by our company to other countries. This product has good quality and its reasonable price has made other countries also buy this product. For more information about mamra almond bulk, visit our site.

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