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Mamra almond different gradesDirect center for Mamra almond sale 2021Mamra Badam export to India
mamra almond sale

mamra almond sale is increasing year by year due to the high demands for it.  Zarin maghz Company has been able to attract many domestic and foreign buyers for its high quality products.

Main activities of Zarin Maghz Company are as follows:

production of Mamra almonds

Direct sale of the Iranian different kinds of nuts including: almonds, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, raisins, figs and dried apricots.

Direct distribution of Iranian nuts especially Mamra almond

Export of the Iranian nuts especially Mamra almond

Mamra almond different grades

mamra almond sale

Do you know Mamra almond different grades? Mamra almond has 8 grades. The size of each Mamra kernel determine the grade.

In order to determine the grades, about 100 grams of Mamra almond is selected, then the kernels are counted. The lower the number of the kernels, the higher the grade and in return, the higher is the quality.

These are different grades of Mamra almond:









5A grade has 80 Mamra kernels and is the best quality. mini is the lowest grade. it contains about 150 kernels.

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Like walnuts and pistachios, almonds are among the delicious nuts that have many health benefits. Almonds are made from the fruit of the almond tree. The scientific name for this dried fruit is Prunusdulsis and it is native to the Middle East, India, and North Africa. It is also found in regions such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel.

However Mamra almond is just native to Iran.

Preventing heart disease is another health benefit of almonds. The unsaturated fats, proteins and potassium in almonds help to keep the heart healthy. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant and reduces the risk of heart disease, while the magnesium in almonds may be effective in preventing heart attacks.

Some compounds in almonds affect C-reactive protein; These proteins cause dangerous arterial inflammation.

Almonds are also a rich source of folic acid. Therefore, it helps to lower the homocysteine ​​level that causes fat plaque in the arteries. Also, almond shell combine with vitamin E prevents damage to artery walls.

Direct center for Mamra almond sale 2021

mamra almond sale

Zarin Maghz Company is a direct center for Mamra almond sale 2021.

We are a producer and exporter of Mamra almond and different kinds of Iranian nuts.

We offer you the most affordable prices.

Studies show that short-term use of the almond diet improves vascular function in men between the ages of 20 and 70. Many people think “oil” is completely harmful, but that is not the case. Some fatty acids are essential for the overall health of the body.

The body cannot make these fatty acids and we need to get them from food sources. These fatty acids help reduce inflammation in the body that many people suffer from. Fatty acids also help lower bad blood cholesterol (LDL) levels and play a role in skin and hair health.

All this shows how beneficial these nuts are for the body. Prevention of diabetes is another health benefit of almonds. Almonds reduce the spikes of glucose and insulin levels after meals. Diabetes patients can significantly change their blood sugar at each meal.

These changes are dangerous for the body. Consumption of almonds can be effective in preventing dangerous changes in blood sugar.

Do you know the Mamra almond is the most organic, nutritional kind of almond in the world? Eating 7 up to 14 Mamra almond kernels per day will meet all the needs of your body.

Almonds play a role in the of glucose absorption and facilitate the absorption process. Drinking almond milk is great if you want to lose weight.

The unsaturated fatty acids found in almonds are effective in reducing appetite and preventing overeating. The dietary fiber in almond makes you feel full despite being a small nutrient.

Studies show that low-calorie, almond-rich diets are good for obese people trying to lose weight. Studies show that people who regularly (at least twice a week) eat almonds are more likely to maintain their ideal weight.

Also compared to this, people who consume less or no almonds suffer more from weight fluctuations. The fiber in almonds helps bowel movements, reduces weight and detoxifies the body.

Mamra Badam export to India

mamra almond for sale

Mamra Badam export to India is increasing each year. Indians call Mamra almond as Mamra Badam. India is one of the big importers of Mamra almond kernels.

Mamra almond sale is done by our collection to the market and we send this product with different packaging in completely hygienic boxes.

If you are interested to buy mamra almond in satisfying price, we recommend you to contact Zarin maghz Company.

Our collection offers you Mamra almond of high quality at an appropriate price.

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