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Mamra almond export market in India

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 The difference between Mamra almond and Rabi AlmondMamra Badam unique featuresMamra almond export price
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Mamra almond export market is excellent. Mamra almond is a special kind of almond growing in Iran. Due to its unique texture, high nutritional value and high quality, this kind of almond has many demandants all over the world. Zarin Maghz Company export Mamra almond of high quality to many countries around the world.

Mamra almond export market

 The difference between Mamra almond and Rabi Almond

Do you know the difference between Mamra almond and Rabi almond? Generally, these two types of almonds are very similar. This very high resemblance makes some exporters and suppliers of Mamra Badam to sell Rabi almond as Mamra almond.

Unfortunately, some suppliers mix these two types of almond and sell them as Mamra almond to the customers. So the domestic and foreign customers should be aware of the apparent differences of these two types of almonds.

Mamra almond export market is better than other kinds of almonds. Rabi almond has a light color and its kernel has a large size. It is single seed. However, the price of Rabi almond is somehow lower than Mamra almond.

According to the quality and naturalness, Mamra almond ranks first among all types of almonds. The next rank after Mamra almond goes to Rabi almond. Due to the beautiful appearance of Rabi almond, it seems that it is considered as a luxury almond among some countries. Meanwhile, many countries such as India as the main importer of Mamra almond, are aware of the advantages of Mamra almond.

Mamra almond export market

Mamra Badam unique features

If you are a buyer of Mamra Badam, it is better to know Mamra Badam unique features. Mamra almond export market in India is very satisfying. Mamra almond kernel is smaller than Rabi almond and it does not have a uniform appearance. Notice that high percentage of twin kernels in Mamra almond indicates the naturalness and organicness of this type of almond.

The special features of Mamra almond kernels are as follows:

  • High nutritional value
  • Light golden color
  • Delicious flavor
  • High resistance to spoilage
  • High price
  • A well-known kind of almond among the foreign traders

Mamra almond tree is late flowering and has a good resistance to spring cold. Mamra almond seedlings grow rapidly and begin to bear fruit in their first year. However, Rabi almond is a special type that  is a medium flowering and has a single seed. A single seed of this almond is large. This type of almond is called Rabi. Be careful not to confuse this type of almond with Mamra almond.

Zarin Maghz Company as the main wholesale supplier of Mamra almond is ready to meet the needs of all the importers of Mamra Badam in different countries.

Mamra almond export market

Mamra almond export price

Despite of the benefits of Mamra almond export market, Mamra almond export price is facing fluctuations due to the rising or falling of the dollar value. Because of the high price of Mamra almond in the country, the domestic customers show little interest for buying this type of almond. However, the major export of Mamra almond is done to India. In fact, Indian worships such a kind of almond. Better to say that they have properly recognized the value of this type of almond.

Zarin Maghz Company is one of the specialists in the production and export of  all kinds of nuts including almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, figs… . We are proud of our ability to continuously provide the best Iranian products for our customers around the world.

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