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Mamra almond export market

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Demand for Mamra almond kernelsmamra almond export price

In the Mamra almond export market, the coronavirus has not impacted demand or production. The relationship between demand and supply is strained, could it become more strained and cause a supply crisis?

mamra almond export market

Demand for Mamra almond kernels

what is especial about mamra almond?

Demand for Mamra almond kernels was particularly strong during the Covid-19 pandemic and the months of confinement in Europe and the United States, which together represent around 37% of global demand. Imports were on the rise from January to June, chaining month-to-month records.

If we look at Vietnam, the world’s largest processor accounting for around 80% of the international volume, almond exports from January to April 2020 increased by more than 58% compared to the same period in 2019.

The only exceptions are Spain and China. Third export market, after the United States and Europe, China after a halt in imports during containment, purchases seem to be picking up and catching up.

Vietnam will have to import at least 946,000 tonnes of Mamra almond in 2020

Demand is expected to remain at a high level in 2020.

mamra almond export price

mamra almond export price


In Senegal, the start of the campaign for two months has been very timid due to the pandemic, some buyers are there but without the presence of the sellers, underlines exports. Similarly in Nigeria, the containment of the population intervened at the end of March at the height of the harvest and shipments.


While the ports remained open, travel within the country was limited. In Zarrin Maghz company, the world’s largest producer, only 270,000 tonnes were exported, 300 to 400,000 tonnes are still available, of which 150,000 tonnes are in the hands of producers. In Guinea Bissau, while the harvest is good around 200,000 tonnes, movements are very slow while the rains


The available amounts of raw Mamra almonds in West Africa are said to be between 650,000 and 890,000 tonnes. An insufficient amount in relation to the needs of India and Vietnam even in the case of the low scenario.


In contrast, the prices of almonds are low. Prices, around $ 2.8 a pound, which Vietnam’s Stephen Quyen Tang says is not profitable. Today, only the large processing units are active and they have enough stocks from Vietnam and Cambodia to operate.

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