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mamra almond market size worldwide

What is special about Mamra almonds?Mamra almond market size around world
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Mamra almond market size is developing rapidly throughout the world. There are many countries in the world that are among the most important buyers of Iran Mamra almond. India, china, Japan, Arab countries and most European countries are importers of Mamra almond. Zarin Maghz Company is the main supplier of Mamra almond of high quality. Our collection is very active in production, sale and export of Mamra Badam and different kinds of nuts:

All different kinds of almonds

All different kinds of pistachios

Hazelnuts, peanuts, raisins, figs and dried fruits.


What is special about Mamra almonds?

mamra almond market size


Do you know what is special about Mamra almond?  The uniqueness, naturalness, organicness and the delicious flavor all are the important factors in making Mamra almond as one of the high quality almond in the world. Mamra almond market size is growing rapidly. Nowadays genetically manipulated products have being increasing; therefore, high organic almond is very precious.

Zarin Maghz Company as the main sale center of Mamra almond offer his domestic customers and international traders Mamra almonds of superior quality along with other kinds of nuts.

Iran, although located in a dry area, is one of the leading countries in the agricultural industry. It is a country of four seasons and a variety of agricultural products. The importance of Iranian agricultural products is due to their organicness. The wholesale of mamra almond kernels to different countries indicate the significance of Mamra Badam. The price of almond trees with bark in Iran is relative to other countries, as the production and sale of almonds in Iran has a high volume.

The abundance of almond blessings in Iran is so much that the wholesale of Mamra almond with bark in Iran never stops. Every variety of almonds that you want is proportional to one of the geographical and biological areas of the country. In tropical areas, seedlings of early flowering almonds can be used. The highest production of almonds in the country belongs to the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, with 24 thousand tons producing 20 percent of Iranian almond production.

Zarin Maghz Company as the main grower and exporter of Mamra almond is committed to provide Mamra almond of the best quality at an appropriate price.

Mamra almond market size around world

mamra almond market size

Mamra almond market size has a huge volume around the world. Different kinds of almonds grow in Iran. They include:

Mamra almond

Paper sell almond

Rabi almond

Shahroodi almond

Sangi almond

Among these different kinds, Mamra almond is unique. The benefits of Mamra almond kernels are so high that cannot be compared with other kinds of almonds.Mamra badam has a very unique flavor that you cannot find such a flavor in any kinds of almonds.

Although many countries in the world such as America, Canada and even India cultivate almond and they are among the exporting countries in this field, Iran Mamra almond is native to Iran and is not found in any other areas in the world.

You can order high quality Mamra Badam in bulk to Zarin Maghz Company. Our collection is the main supplier of Mamra almond.

Mamra almond market size in Iran is blooming. Due to the high quality of Mamra Badam, its price is very high. It is normal and common that when the characteristics of an almond vary in color, taste, size and quality, the price of that almond will also vary.

Mamra almond kernels price has fluctuation in the market. Most of the buyers of Mamra almond prefer to buy Mamra almond kernel; however, there are some other foreign customers which take action to import almonds with shell. Because of this, almond exports with shell also have its own boom.

For buying Mamra Badam in bulk, Contact Zarin Maghz Company. We are very active in the field of Mamra almond export.

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