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mamra almond type distributors and body health

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almond is beneficial for body healthEating almonds affects youer healthynessdifferent type of almond in tastemamra almond type distribution centers

almond is beneficial for body health

Almond oil is similar to olive oil, which is one of the healthiest fats in the body, so according to doctors, eating almonds is good for heart health and can prevent cardiovascular deseases up to 5 times.  Eating almonds a week decreased heart disease by up to 50%. Visit our site get more information about Mamra almond type and the best types which is sold by Zarrin maghz company .

mamra almond type distributors

Eating almonds affects youer healthyness

what are different grades of mamra almond? Mamra is the best almond to choose from. This almond has a thick and firm skin and a long appearance like a stone almond. This almond usually has a large core. The nutrients in are very high. This almond strengthens memory and prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Eating almonds mixed with water and honey, called almond milk, is very good for boosting physical strength. It is used to treat osteoporosis due to the high amount of almond milk. Of course, Mamra Badam has the same properties as eating a piece of almond, but because of the slow absorption of almonds, those who are weak and sensitive to the stomach use almond milk.

This product strengthens the bones of the fetus for pregnant women, it is recommended. Mamra Badam are also good for men and strengthen male hormones. Mamra Badam have a variety of vitamins that beautify the skin. These almonds are produced in Chaharmahal Bahtiari province and exported abroad. Mamra Badam are good for boosting people’s memory. Almond milk is good for physical strength and memory.


The best way to prepare it is to take a hard almond skin, grind it and finally mix it with the boiling water and honey recommended for everyone. Almonds are a good source of energy for the body, good for heart health, skin freshness, gastrointestinal function, blood sugar regulation, bone strength, strengthening the immune system,obesity and brain health. This type of almond tree blooms late and is resistant to pests and diseases and has a high quality and high export value due to its use in the food industry.

Almonds are exported to India by traders and merchants in Chaharmahal and Bahtiari provinces.

different type of almond in taste

Usage: This type of almond is mainly used as raw and fried nuts. It is also used in the food industry in powders and slices, and is also used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries due to its high content of natural fats. We believe you will find less of this unsalted and well-fried almond; This is because there is no economic basis for factories and shops that want to make more money in this form of processing. Considering that this almond is unsalted, it is very important that the fresh is processed.

Raw almond consumers, especially the elderly, complain of its hardness and at the same time do not want to eat salted fried almonds to prevent high blood pressure. Unlike salt almonds, unlike raw almonds, they are not firm, short and of course no salt. For more information on the Mamra Badam price visit our site.

mamra almond type distribution centers

mamra almond type distribution centers Zarrin maghz company is of high quality mamra almond  distribution center and distributes this product to the market with different packages, which is also of high quality, For more information about Mamra almond’s type and their price and discunts, visit Zarrin maghz company’s site.

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