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Mamra Badam kernels in bulk 2021

The features of Mamra Badam kernelThe whole sale export of Mamra badam to other countriesThe price of the high quality Mamra badam
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Mamra Badam kernels are a good ideal for export. Most of the importing countries in the world are looking for the most superior quality of almonds. Definitely, Mamra Badam is of the highest quality among other types of almonds. Mamra almond importing countries acknowledge this fact.

Zarin Maghz Company is one of grower, supplier and exporter of Mamra Almonds. Our Company pays a lot of attention to the quality and freshness of Mamra almonds.

Mamra Badam kernels

The features of Mamra Badam kernel

Do you know about the features of Mamra Badam kernel? Definitly, Mamra kernels have some specifications that are unique to them. Based on these features, you can distinguish different types of almonds.

Mamra Badam kernels are somehow sweeter than other almonds and more delicious. Most of the kernels are twins and are of different size. That is why they are classified based on their sizes into different grades, including:

A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A, Esb, mini

These specific features of Mamra Badam kernels are apparently indicator of their naturalness.  Canadian or American almond kernels all have the same size and apparently they are very eye-catching; all the kernels are in the same size, color and appearance. These are the signs of being genetically manipulated. Moreover, comparing the taste of these two kinds of almonds, surely there is a huge difference. It seems that you are comparing apple and orange!

Mamra badam kernels have a very unique and delicious taste. Just try once; certainly you will be one of Mamra fans.

Due to the uniqueness of Mamra Badam kernels, the price is higher. Zarin Maghz Company is ready to provide Mamra kernels in bulk for his domestic and foreign traders. Our collection does its best to offer his customers and traders an appropriate price.  We are very sensitive to the quality of the product.

Every step from Mamra almond growing, sorting, packaging, selling and exporting is under the exact supervision of Zarin Maghz Company.

Mamra Badam kernels

The whole sale export of Mamra badam to other countries

Zarin Maghz Company is active in the field of the wholesale export of Mamra badam to other countries. It is worth to mention that many countries throughout the world including Arab countries, china, Japan, France, India… are interested in buying Mamra almond from Iran. Among these countries, India is a main importer of Mamra Badam kernels. Indians specifically call this type of almond as Mamra. It is said that they don’t consume other kinds of almonds except Mamra.

For the wholesale order of Mamra Badam kernels, Contact Zarin Maghz Company.  Our collection is a reputable brand in supplying and exporting high quality Mamra almonds.

Do you know that Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province in Iran is the source of Mamra almonds? Different kinds of Almonds grow in that area, including:

  • Mamra
  • Rabi
  • Shahroodi
  • Moheb
  • Paper shell
  • Sangi

The most production of almond is that of Mamra. The export of Mamra badam kernels to India is one of the most exporting products of Iran.  

Mamra Badam kernels

The price of the high quality Mamra badam

the price of the high quality Mamra badam is variable. Mamra almond kernels are more expensive than other kinds of almonds. It is due to their high nutritional value and organicness. Mamra almond prices have fluctuation; however, our company does its best to offer the least competitive price. Mamra Badam kernels prices depend on their grades or better to say their sizes.

Because, Mamra almond is one of the most superior nuts regarding the quality and the nutrients, it is very expencive. Meanwhile the exports of Mamra Badam kernels are very popular and current.

You can buy Mamra almond from Zarin Maghz Company at a reasonable price. Our collection is committed to provide you the product of high quality.

Zarin Nut collection invite you for buy the best nuts.

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