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Zarin Maghz Company is one of the wholesalers of Mamra almond in Iran. We export Mamra almond kernels abroad. All our buyers of almonds and distributors of almonds are satisfied with us. Mamra almond export to Dubai Dubai is one of the destinations for exporting high quality Mamra almond kernels. In Dubai there are many […]

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To buy Mamra almond of high quality, please join us and contact Zarin Maghz Company. Many people in the world are looking for this kind of almond. It is a kind of Iran export product. Do you know that Mamra almond is growing in Iran? Yes, we are right. Mamra almond is native to Iran. […]

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  If you are looking for the high quality Mamra almond suppliers, Zarin Maghz Company is at your service. We are a wholesaler, supplier and exporter of mamra almond. The quality of the Iranian Mamra almond cannot be compared with none of the almonds in the world. Buying Mamra Badam kernels from Zarin Maghz Company […]

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Selling best mamra badam in bulk in our country is very important for many industrialists. If you want to receive the wholesale prices of foreign almonds and ha

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High quality mamra badam to buy is possible in different ways and the special sale of almonds on the website is very active and with our history is still going

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